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Karawang (Kota Karawang or Karawang Kota) is the capital of the Karawang Regency of West Java, Indonesia. It is located 32 miles east of Jakarta. AS of 2002, its population in 202,800.

In 2015, the government will begin the construction of an International Airport that will be open for 70 million passengers. In the first phase, it will be open for the initial 20 million passengers. Karawang is also the home of the Karawang International Golf Club.

In 2010, it was devastated with flood that affected 10,747 houses, 11,540 families and 44,000 individuals.

Karawang is a potential pioneering area for social program. In 2015 onwards, there will be a boom on its economy due to the construction of an International Airport. This is a potential target for a social program.


Cemara is a village of Cibuaya, Karawang, West Java with an estimated population of 5,000 composed of 500 families.

The main source of income is the operation of fish ponds whereby the total area of 1,400 hectares are utilized for fishponds, at least there are 10 major players for the fishpond that yield 7 tons for every 10 hectares priced at Rp 11,000 for every kilo of bandeng / milk fish.

The road from fishpond to market was washed out and this is the major reason for the difficulty of bringing produce from Cemara to the Fish Depot in Cibuaya.

There is also poor dike system that constantly threatens the safety of the residents. As a result, the roads have been destroyed. Only Motor Bikes are accessible to the fishpond from Cemara center. This makes it difficult for the harvest of the Bandeng / Milk Fish and Cuttlefish to be transported.



– To provide non-threatening approach to social program through need based programs. In this way, reaching out the residents become more acceptable and effective.

– To lay the foundation to a deeper social program direction through a deeper relationship building process.

– Assist the residents in the uplifting their sense of worth through knowledge of the English Language as a means to communicate. In this way, residents may feel confident in interacting to other nationals when needed.

– To provide an alternative avenue for young people to occupy their time through music.

– To equip interested individuals regarding the use of computers.

– To open other methods of production of fishes and assist in opening outlets for the sale of their products through a technical assistance program.

– To assist uplift the health needs of the residents by making them aware of standard health practices in this environment.

The following recommendations for the social program direction for Cemara, Cibuaya, Karawang Indonesia:


1. CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH TUTORIALS – To elevate the English Language literacy of the junior Hi Students and Government Personnel, a free English Language class can be started focusing on conversation English.

– Using a simple video instructional lesson on conversational English, it may facilitate the absorption of the lessons.  The Video Instructional Lessons will be produced before the program can be initiated.

– Two levels of lessons shall be taught. For Adults and Junior Hi.

– The teacher should be fluent with English and Bahasa Indonesia to be able to effectively teach these lessons.

2. MUSIC TUTORIALS –  The possibility to target the young people through a simple music lessons or Band playing will be a tremendous way to bring the young people into a more productive program.

– Provide basic tutorial lessons for playing instruments.

– Tutorials for Band Playing.

3. COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAM – Computer operation of basic Microsoft Office Software will also be a good program to target the adults.

– Basic Computer literacy program for junior Hi and adults.

4. FISH POND TECHINICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – Technical Assistance for Fishing Technology. This will provide a more scientific approach in the production of Bandeng and Lele fishes.

5. HEALTH PROGRAM – Health Awareness programs to uplift living conditions of residents.


– LCD projector tool for teaching – This can be used for video and graphic presentations.

– Transportation to mission site.

– Local transport in site.

– Tables and Chairs for classes.

– White Board for teaching.

– Musical Instruments:

1. Rhythm Guitar

2. Bass Guitar

3. Keyboards

4. Drums

5. Microphones

6. Mixer with Amps

7. Guitar; Bass Keyboards amps

8. Computer Set


1. The initial phase is coordinating with the Lurah for the implementation of the social activities.

2. Production of the Video Teaching Materials. It is possible to produce for English Language and music lessons.

3. Upon approval of the program by the Lura, implement the Program.

4. Gather the Logistic requirements, as funds are available.

5. Develop a realistic schedule for implementation.

6. Develop a websites / blog.


Organize a Foundation for this purpose. CEMARA LINE FOUNDATION  (GARIS HIDUP CEMARA). A foundation can be a government recognized organization where donations and grants may be funneled for this program.

Founder :

1. Matias Zakaria as Founder

2. Anseng / Andy Tjung as Chairman

3. Noel Cacho as Program Advisor

4. Joseph Setiawan as Secretary


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