What We Can Do To Contribute

The first question is : Why I should do to contribute?

1. We believe our life is not only to get the money & position.  Someday, we will feel the needs to share and to give.

2. Most of Cemara people are life under the standard of ideal living

3. As a part of our social activity



The second question is : How I can contribute?

A. You can support us by together with us set a program and to teach :

1. CONVERSATIONAL ENGLISH TUTORIALS – To elevate the English Language literacy of the junior Hi Students and Government Personnel, a free English Language class can be started focusing on conversation English.

– Using a simple video instructional lesson on conversational English, it may facilitate the absorption of the lessons.  The Video Instructional Lessons will be produced before the program can be initiated.

– Two levels of lessons shall be taught. For Adults and Junior Hi.

– The teacher should be fluent with English and Bahasa Indonesia to be able to effectively teach these lessons.

2. MUSIC TUTORIALS –  The possibility to target the young people through a simple music lessons or Band playing will be a tremendous way to bring the young people into a more productive program.

– Provide basic tutorial lessons for playing instruments.

– Tutorials for Band Playing.

3. COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAM – Computer operation of basic Microsoft Office Software will also be a good program to target the adults.

– Basic Computer literacy program for junior Hi and adults.

4. FISH POND TECHINICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM – Technical Assistance for Fishing Technology. This will provide a more scientific approach in the production of Bandeng and Lele fishes.

5. HEALTH PROGRAM – Health Awareness programs to uplift living conditions of residents.

B. You can support us by providing us :


– LCD projector tool for teaching – This can be used for video and graphic presentations.

– Transportation to mission site.

– Local transport in site.

– Tables and Chairs for classes.

– White Board for teaching.

– Musical Instruments:

1. Rhythm Guitar

2. Bass Guitar

3. Keyboards

4. Drums

5. Microphones

6. Mixer with Amps

7. Guitar; Bass Keyboards amps

8. Computer Set


1. To buy the equipments needed

2. To support the operational expenses



1. Inform & promote our program to your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc

2. By helping us to develop & manage the website

3. By being our part time teacher

4. Provide the materials need for teaching



1. We will declare the financial statement based on annual basis at this website.

2. We are open for any donator to check our financial statement

1. Feel free to contact or text us at:

Andy Tjung / Anseng – 08558889933 /021 71411098 /021 92586886

Joseph Setiawan -08161872800 /081316615175 /02193801975

2. Feel free to send your email to cemara.life.line@gmail.com

3. Feel free to meet us in order to set the meeting schedule


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